In Home  Prenatal  Massage in Los Angeles

In Home Pregnancy Massage and Spa Services
All of our prenatal massage  services are offered in the comfort of your home. 

Specialty IN HOME Mommy To Be Prenatal Massage Menu:

Milk N Honey Tummy Massage: ( For Stretch Mark Reduction)

This 75 minute  pregnancy Massage is done in the last trimester.This luxurious massage is done using a special milk & honey mixture combined with light touch and swedish massage strokes to the whole body.. Real milk, honey and beeswax is combined, warmed up and applied to the womb. A warmed towel is then placed over your belly to assist the pores in opening and accepting the treatment. The mixture is then re-applied to the womb and gently massaged until it crystallizes. The milk and honey mixture is known to help reduce stretch marks, and improve the overall quality and vitality of the skin. If you are experiencing any itching from your skin stretching – this will definitely do the trick. This prenatal treatment is popular in Europe, to decrease stretch marks and add elasticity to the skin. 
60 min - $160.00
75 min-  $185.00
90 min-  $210.00

Balanced Momma  (to help with balancing hormones)
Long, Swedish massage strokes infused with deep breathing techniques and gentle thai stretches.
Aromatic Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of Wild Orange, Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Tangerine, and French Vanilla absolute.
This service is priced at $160.00( 60 minute) or $210.00 ( 90 minute)

Prenatal Yoga Thai Massage Series

We specialize in working with mothers-to-be, relieving common pregnancy-related issues, such as tiredness, back pain, numbness, and poor sleep. Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage boosts circulation and blood flow to help deliver nutrients to your baby. This increased circulation aids in the mother’s relaxation and overall hormonal balance. Relaxation through this form for therapeutic massage contributes to a higher quality of sleep and peace of mind. Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage also helps with postural alignment, and can help with a mother’s pelvic position, thereby reducing chances of back labor.

Series of 5 Prenatal Yoga Thai Massages ( 75 min)  in the comfort of your home: $500.00
                                                     ( may be used throughout second and third trimester) 

Cranial Sacral Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy brings dramatic changes in weight distribution, posture and fluid balance. The deep releasing effects of CranioSacral Therapy (CST)) helps the woman adapt to these changes, especially during the later stages as the pelvis attempts to accommodate the descending baby. The weight of the growing baby can put strain on the spine. Prenatal CST assists the pregnant woman by releasing restrictions in the pelvis, back, ribs and hips, to facilitate a supportive vessel for the birthing experience. Through gentle touch, a CranioSacral therapist can help balance the pelvis and uterus in pregnancy to ease and prevent the aforementioned, as well as ligament strain and pain and suboptimal fetal positioning. Often the pelvis is poorly aligned and the sacrum is stuck. CST encourages symmetry and free movement in these areas, allowing more ease and less potential for trauma with delivery; benefiting both mother and baby.
75 minute service is priced at $200.00

Lighter lumbar Massage  ( Designed For Low Back pain)

Swedish massage with Reflexology and trigger point therapy designed to release lower back pain associated with pregnancy. We use hot towels , warmed massage bed and stretches in combination with the massage.
This 60 minute massage is 160.00

Aromatherapy Pregnanc-C Massage for the 1st 2nd and 3rd trimester: 
Our signature Aromatic pregnancy massage selections use essential oil blends to help with common symptoms which occur during pregnancy. Using the power of essential oils mom and baby help achieve  the mind body balance along witch solidify the connection with one another.

Vitamin C is important for many reasons in pregnancy; to help with inflammation, improve immune system and help stay cheerful.  Our signature PregnanC massage uses a blend of eclectic citrus oils.Relax in the comfort of your own home while you and baby receive a gentle Swedish  hot towel massage on a special warmed massage table made for you and your growing belly.  

We have options for each stage of pregnancy:

1st Trimester 
Signature M2B In Home Prenatal  Pregnan-C Massage 
Swedish massage with  tangerine oils to soothe nausea and headaches.
60 min - $160.00
75 min-  $185.00
90 min-  $210.00

2nd trimester  
Swedish  Pregnan-C massage uses the eclectic blend of lavender and and orange to boost immunity and promote relaxation.
60 min - $160.00
75 min-  $185.00
90 min-  $210.00

 3rd trimester
 De-Swell: Swelling at at he top of the feet and calves (edema) is common in later stages of pregnancy. We use reflexology trigger point work and lymphatic massage  to help ease the discomforts of swelling associated with pregnancy.  Hot and cold foot bath is rotated in order to take down swelling even more. We use an Organic Olive Oil base infused with cooling peppermint to help bring down inflammation.
60 min - $160.00
75 min-  $185.00
90 min-  $210.00

Labor Induction Reflexology

Labor Massage and Reflexology
C- Section Recovery



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