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    Rebecca was great! Her touch was so soothing and so needed one week after I delivered. She came to my house and put me at ease instantly. 

    She was responsive to all my requests and all the specific things I needed. A great all around post partem massage!

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    I took Rebecca's class "Reflexology for the Doula" over a year ago and let me say...I am SO glad I did.  Not only was it a fun class, but very useful too!!!  I have been able to incorperate relexology skills into my work as a birth doula when comforting mothers in labor.  I learned a lot from her class, she went over the history behind reflexology, different important reflexology points, contraindicated points in pregnancy and also plenty of hands on experience.  Learning from Rebecca was a pleasure.  I  highly recommend her services to pregnant mothers and her reflexology class to other doulas/birth workers.

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    Rebecca is such a sweet person who is super passionate about babies and the entire pregnancy process. 

    If you're pregnant and need some massage relief, look no further. She will take care of you! And then when your precious bundle arrives and they have colic, indigestion or any other baby issue (and there are so many!) Rebecca offers infant massage. Yes, these tiny humans can benefit from a masseuse too. Go figure!

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    I am a postpartum doula and recommend Rebecca to all of my clients. She is really the best in home prenatal massage therapist! Not only does she help new mamas but dads too!
    Thanks Rebecca for the amazing support :)

    Rebecca S.
    Comment from Rebecca S. of Mommy To Be Reflexology And Massage 
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    6/7/2015  Thank you Jenna ! I love serving your clients for in home postpartum massage in Los Angeles. You are… Read more
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    I hosted a baby shower where most of the guests, including myself, also happened to be pregnant so, thanks to Rebecca, we had a fantastic baby shower spa party! Mommy To Be Reflexology has such wonderful services to offer and each guest got to pick their own combo of custom services for a personalized experience. It was such a treat having a fantastic in home prenatal massage. The girls loved it and we could all eat, talk and enjoy each other's company while we waited for our turn rather than hanging out whispering in a public spa. 
    Rebecca was so accommodating and easy to correspond with. She's a wonderful masseuse with a kind heart and an authentic love of what she does.

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    Rebecca is great. Super sweet and very positive. She definitely knows her stuff. The acupressure massage felt amazing and I loved the great affirmations, helped me to relax and feel great which is saying a lot at 41 weeks pregnant. It was a great experience.

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    Rebecca was just what I needed!!! PreNatal Massage House calls!!! She massaged away my pregnancy aches! Thank You!!!

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    Rebecca is wonderful! I was desperately in need of a postpartum massage but I was afraid to leave my week old baby while I went to a spa. Rebecca came to my home and even allowed me to take a break mid massage to breast feed! Overall the experience was awesome. Her massage skills were exactly what I needed.  Knowing I could take a break at anytime if my baby cried let me relax and enjoy  some much needed post child birth pampering. I will definitely be having her come again!

    Rebecca S.
    Comment from Rebecca S. of Mommy To Be Reflexology And Massage 
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    6/7/2015  Thank you Erica. It was a pleasure serving you for in home postpartum  massage in Burbank. Your baby… Read more
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    Rebecca is amazing!
    I am a first time mom who had a c section and was suffering with nerve pains in my wrists and hands from holding and feeding my little one.
    She knew exactly what to do to relieve the tension and pain.
    On top of that, she has an amazingly caring way about her.
    I forgot to mention the reflexology.  For those of you like me who had never tried it, it is amazing.
    Whether you are an expected or new mom or just looking for an awesome deep tissue massage, Rebecca is your woman.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Rebecca came to my home the day before my due date- Feb 28 (due March 1).  I was desperate to go into labor within the next few days, otherwise I had an induction scheduled later that week (my choice, as I was so uncomfortable being pregnant).  The induction massage was wonderful.  She spent nearly two hours with me, and the best part was being able to stay in the comfort of my own home (a huge plus when you're 40 weeks pregnant and can't get around easily).  Low and behold, my water broke a few days later, midnight Monday 3-3... was it coincidence?  Not sure.  But, regardless, I'd do it again with my next pregnancy, and I highly recommend the treatment to anyone who wants a great relaxing experience right before one of the most physically demanding tasks a woman can through, I had no idea labor was so strenuous! Rebecca is sweet and kind-hearted, and truly made me feel special.  I'm not one for massages normally, but I really enjoyed this one, and she managed to help me relax (I have a hard time with that!) at such an anxious time in my life.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Rebecca came to teach me how to give my 4 month old twins baby massage and reflexology. She was a wonderful teacher . She has an amazing calm healing energy to her and taught me so much I have incorporated massage and reflexology into our bathtime evening routine my babies absolutely love it and now offer me their feet so I can massage them!
    Rebecca then came back to give me a massage she is a real healer with amazing healing hands I can't say enough good things about her and its wonderful to have a massage in your own home so you can really appreciate the benefits and relax afterwards without having to get into your car to drive. I only wish id met her whilst I was pregnant and so uncomfortable I would have been seeing her every week!

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    Getting married to my husband last June was the most exciting event that has happened in my life so far. When we found out we were pregnant 6 months later we were elated. I am 30 years old and I thought it was the perfect time to have a baby. So you can imagine my disappointment when 10 weeks later I miscarried. I was referred to Rebecca through a friend  who had been struggling to get pregnant for several year. After just 4 treatments of fertility reflexology with Rebecca they were successful and now have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I contacted Mommy to be Reflexology and I my only regret is not having done so sooner. Rebecca is a talented and intuitive therapist. She came to my home and pampered me with a foot soak and scrub, a blissful full body massage and a reflexology treatment on my hands neck and feet for only $150. After 2 treatments with Rebecca I found out I was pregnant! I am now 14 weeks and I have continued my treatments with her because they are amazing and she offers a whole pregnancy package that is totally affordable. If you are having difficulties conceiving you owe it to yourself to give her a call. If you want to mention my name I guarantee she will give you a discount and I promise you wont regret it. Wishing all of you mommy's to be a happy and healthy pregnancy.


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