In Home Postpartum Massage in Los Angeles..

After it is all said and done there you are! Your baby in your arms and your heart is complete. Your body however is a different story. Come back to yourself with these amazing restorative and balancing spa services designed to help your heart meet your body...

M2B C- cerean Recovery Massage

C- section Recovery

Rest and Restore

Hot footbath allows the feet to soak while the therapist works on your neck and shoulders as you sit up, easing tension from the stress of the surgery. After the foot soak your feet and legs are massaged and key acupressure points are activated to allow your body to relax and reduce swelling. The session concludes with the client lying on their side with the assistance of a body pillow while the therapist works on their back. 

This treatment lasts 90 minutes and is priced at $200.00

Rest , Restore and Detox  
This service includes everything from the sixty-minute treatment  along with a full body massage. The feet are worked on longer along with the legs, and arms. The session concludes with hot towel massage to increase blood flow and oxygen along with eliminate toxins from the body.

 This treatment  lasts 90  minutes and is priced at $220.00

C- Section Recovery Series:

 Includes C- Section Recovery Kit

(Package Includes) 

~ C- section recovery Kit ( shown above)

~ Six, Hour and a half: "Rest, Restore and Recover"  sessions, once a week 
~ Free In Home visits by our lactation consultants ( 200.00 value)

Package is priced at $1100.00 ( save 200.00)

More Post Partum Services

Postpartum Aromatherapy and Reflexology with hot towels :

We use a specific aromatic blend which helps to balance out your body's natural harmony. Long fluid lymphatic strokes combined with reflexology of the hands and feet are incorporated into this healing service. We use hot towels and a foot soak to facilitate ultimate relaxation and bliss! This is a 90 minute service.
6o min postpartum reflexology with hot towels : $200.00 ( Includes Gratuity)    

This 75 min service is prices at $220.00  ( including gratuity)

Package of 6 is priced at $1000.00 ( save $200.00)

**M2B D-Swell Massage:

Water retention is quite common in the early weeks after baby is born. Similar to the de-swell massage in pregnancy, this treatment is specifically designed to take the swelling down. We use lymphatic massage and gentle Swedish strokes to help the body and legs D- swell. Three sessions are suggested for best results.

Priced at 180.00 an hour
Package of 4 $600.00 ( save $40.00)

**Nursing Momma Massage:
Ask any nursing momma what hurts most and they will tell you, shoulders, arms and wrists. That is exactly what this reflexology based massage focuses on, in combination with cranial sacral which focuses on the neck and shoulders.We target the areas which are the hottest so to speak to help you get back to feeding baby , pain free.

This service is priced at $180.00 an hour
Package of 4     $550.00   ( save  $90.00)
Package of 6  $850.00 ( save $110.00)

Mayan Abdominal Massage:

Maya Abdominal Massage in Los Angeles private homes is offered with Mommy To Be Reflexology's postpartum wellness services. Restore the connection with your core, help heal scar tissue, bring blood flow to the reproductive organs and release toxins.

Initial Consulatation and Session: 2.5 hour session
- $400.00 

Single session Follow up:                                      $260.00

Package of 5 Sessions including Initial Consultation:
Includes free infant reflexology class!


**Let It Flow: Massage to help your milk come in
Reflexology massage which focuses on releasing the hormone to help produce more milk. We work with the endocrine and lymphatic system in this 90 minute service to help your body increase milk supply. This relaxing and effective reflex massage is the perfect fix. Each new session includes a box of nursing momma tea!

This service is priced at $220.00 and includes a box of nursing momma tea!  

**Postpartum Blues Aromatherapy

ave our customized blender come to your aid. She will spend an hour and a half with you customizing the perfect aromatherapy blend to take the blues away. Aromatherapy has been proven to work wonders with postpartum depression due to the direct link to the limbic system of your brain. The limbic system is responsible for our emotions. You will leave with your own custom blend to help with postpartum depression.

This unique and effective service is priced at  $180.00

** Our speciality in home postpartum massage selections are priced according to training the service provider must undergo to be qualified to preform the treatment**

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