Natural Induction Methods:
Reflexology, Acupuncture and Massage
 In Los Angeles

This massage works by utilizing sustained pressure on acupressure points that draws energy strongly downwards in the body, helping baby engage in the pelvis, and creating an internal momentum towards labor.

This massage is a natural, non-invasive, and relaxing means of promoting spontaneous labor. It cannot force your body to do something it is not close to ready to do on its own.

We began offering this service to meet the needs of our community whose care providers were giving stricter deadlines for delivery dates. We’ve had very good success rates with women at 40 weeks or more, going into labor within 48 hours of receiving an Induction session with us.

This massage is appropriate for anyone at 38 weeks gestation or more. If you have a planned induction before 38 weeks for medical reasons, please call us to discuss if we may support you to make your medical induction more successful.

What Is Induction Reflexology?
Is someone a little late? Is your due date past due? Well, sometimes that happens. Baby gets nice and cozy inside that warm sack of water. However, you are swollen, exhausted and ready to hold the baby in your arms already! Good thing there is a wonderful treatment you can give yourself to help make the labor begin! Firstly your feet are soaked in warm water then  Acupressure induction points  on the legs and hands are applied along with key reflexology points on the feet. After the hour session is over you will be assisted through a series of stretches. These help open your hip joints and allow the baby to drop lower into your pelvis.  The therapist will come to the comfort of your home and bring a foot bath,  yoga mat, ball, hot towels, specific oils and herbal packs .


"Come On Down"

This therapeutic reflexology/ massage service is designed to help women avoid receiving Pitocin labor inductions in the hospital, and rather, initiate labor naturally. We use reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy and thai yoga massage stretches.A foot bath is used  for the first half hour to relax the feet while the hands and neck are worked on. The feet are massaged to help the body open.  The session is concluded with massage and yoga thai  stretches . Labor is expected to commence within 24 – 48 hours if the therapy is successful.  This massage is not designed to be an invasive treatment to start premature labor before ones due date. It used to assist the mommy to be in getting her body to open if there are physical or emotional blocks.

This service lasts 75 minutes and is priced at  $220.00  
                                                       Package of two $415.00  (save $25.00)

Acu-flex ( Reflexology and Acupuncture)

Enhance the effectivness of reflexology for induction by combining acupuncture. Our unique acupuncture for labor induction is offered in Los Angeles. We offer mobile acupuncture for induction or a combination of reflexology and acupuncture a DOUBLE WHAMMY,  all in the comfor of you home!

Single Acupuncture session with complimentary  cupping                             $250.00      

               OUR SIGNATURE COMBINATION  " ACU-FLEX "      

Recieve alll the benefits of induction reflexology with  the combined benefit of acupuncture immediatly before or after your reflexology session. This service is 2 hours in length .                     $440.00   ( includes tip and travel)                            


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How  reflexology for induction work?
By manipulating the correlating pressure points, the uterus, cervix, ovaries and genitalia are in essence, “kick-started”. The stimulation “wakes up” the connected areas in the body through manipulation of the pressure points.

Is there a guarantee the induction will work?
"No. That is what makes reflexology such a valuable practice. Reflexology for labor induction is “effective” enough to help kick-start a woman into labor, but not “invasive” enough to put a pre-term mother whose body and baby is not ready for birth into labor. With Pitocin inductions in the hospital, many women end up in c-sections due to a failed induction (or failure to progress) – for the same reason – their body is simply not ready!. Your body is stronger than any drug (in my opinion). However, if your body is ready, and you are just stalled, or your labor has simply not “clicked”, reflexology stimulates your body into committing to the process of labor quite effectively."

How long does it take to see signs of labor?
Most women go into labor within 24 to 48 hours after the induction. Several women have started labor as early as 4 hours after the induction.Somewhere within 24 hours, most women show some signs of labor commencing (i.e., lost mucous plug, broken water bag, cramping, or consistent contractions). 

Can I do acupuncture and reflexology together? Or should I only do one or the other?
"It is a great idea to do them together. I have seen good results with women who get prenatal massage, acupuncture, and then reflexology to induce labor. The trigger points for acupuncture are very similar to the trigger points used for reflexology (and in some cases the exact same)."

Will I know right away if my body is responding to the reflexology?
"Yes. The mom will notice increased movement of the baby and or light contractions, or contraction-like sensations. Good responders elicit the following responses:"

  • Movement of the baby (side-shifting)
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Cramping
  • Pain associated with contractions
  • Tightening of the uterus
  • Nausea
  • Backache

Do I need my Physician’s permission to get a reflexology induction?
Yes.It can be a verbal to the recipient of the induction.

Labor Massage and Reflexology


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