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Custom Valentines Day Gift Card
Package of two in home Maternity Massages with a free infant massage upgrade if they choose postpartum .
One 60 Min Prental
One 60 Min Postpartum one FREE Infant Massage ( 80.00 Value )
Two 60 minute in home massages with with $50.00 off $320 (plus processing/ set up)- $330.00 total

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90 min prenatal Massage for the price of a 60 min 
(Save $40.00)

( Includes Gratuity is good  and is good for postapartum massage as well)

Private Infant Massage & Reflexology Class
$150.00  (usually 2 seperate classes for $150 each)

 Couples Workshop for Massage in Labor
Learn accupresure points to use in labor in this private in home class!

Postpartum Massage Package of 4- 60 min sessions includes FREE INFANT MASSAGE
$600.00 ( $120.00 off)

ALL NEW!!!!!

In Home 02 Facial
Keep the pregnancy GLOW going longer with this amazing in home service. Offered exclusivly to our clients!
$275.00 ($100.00 off)

For a special someone? Make it a Holiday GIFT!!

Customized gift cards available!

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Photagraphy Special:

MAJOR savings with any Pre/Postnatal Massage  package with Lavender Aromatherapy

Fall in love maternity  photo shoot with any pre/posnatal massage package 


Prenatal Massage Package 1:                                                                                                                        


Series of 4 :   60 Min~    Reg. $150.00   per session      $500.00  ( save $100)  
                        75  Min~    Reg. $170.00   per session       $560.00 ( save  $120 
                        90  Min~    Reg. 190.00     per session       $600.00 ( save $120)

Prenatal Massage Package 2 : 1hr  reg. 130              75 min  reg 160                 90 min reg 180

Series of 6:   60 Min~ Reg 150.00  per session     $800.00 ( save $100.00 )   

                       75 Min~  Reg 170.00  per session     $900.00  (  save $120.00)    

                       90 Min~  Reg 190.00 per session     $990.00  (  save $150.00 )    

Cesarean Recovery:Each Package includes a Cesarean Recovery Kit

Package of 4 postpartum massage/reflexology sessions  
    $500.00   ( save 100.00)

Package of 6 Postpartum massage and reflexology sessions  
$780.00  ( save 120.00) 


Dont worry the day of your appointment: Tip and travel  time is included in all pacakge totals!