Mobile Pregnancy Spa Team
Meet Rebecca Slome

Rebecca Slome is the founder of " Mommy To Be Reflexology and Mobile Pregnancy Spa".
She studied Applied Kinesiology at San Diego State, is a Licensed Sport Massage Therapist from American Institute of Massage Therapy and a Certified Maternity Reflexologist from Healing Hands. She is also a master level Reiki practitioner. As a student, her natural curiosity of how the mind and body connects led her to self educate on the benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming  and how emotions and thoughts affect the body.  She found a magnificent link between emotions and fertility through the feet. Combining all her passion and knowledge led her to her first client who successfully became pregnant after several treatments of fertility reflexology.  Women began to ask for other services they could experience at home such as maternity acupuncture and fertility meal delivery.  As request for pre and postpartum massages and reflexoloxy became larger then her two hands and 24 hours could hold, she realized the time had come to bring on more amazing

Rebecca  carefully hand picks the family on board at "Mommy To Be Reflexology and Wellness".  Each specialist has a passion for helping women. The Mommy To Wellness Team is more of a family with one common goal: easing the journey to motherhood one mom at a time!

With the best talent combined, she moves forward daily to help  even more new families find balance and wellness from within as they embark on the journey of parenthood.  Since becoming a mother herself, Rebecca has wanted nothing more than to help other women blossom into their new role with grace and pampering off course.

  Rebecca Slome lives with her husband, son and daughter and their two cats in Studio City, CA.


Meet Suzzane : Holistic Chiropractor, Maya Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Specialist

As a life-long investigator, I have explored meditation practices since the age of 5, spent decades honing my intuition by reading energy patterns in myself and others, and adventured deep into healing frontiers of movement, somatic arts, and sacred sexuality. 

Formal Education

  • 1993 Bachelor of Arts, Women’s Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz (Honors), With a Focus on Women’s Spirituality & Eco-Feminism
  • 1994 Massage Therapy Practitioner, Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Swedish, Shiatsu & Polarity Therapy
  • 1998 Doctor of Chiropractic , Life Chiropractic College West (Salutatorian)
  • 1998 Human Design Reader & Teacher, New Sun Services America Professional Training
  • 2007 Ordained Minister, Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, Clairvoyant Program, Spiritual Teacher & Leadership Program
  • 2014 Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Holistic Pelvic Energy™ Practitioner, Tami Lynn Kent, Author & Women’s Health Physical Therapist
  • 2014 Kalish Method Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Dan Kalish DC, Kalish Method Mentorship

Meet Penny : Maternity Acupuncture Specialist

Penny W, L.Ac. Dipl. OM.  is a California licensed acupuncturist, as well as a nationally licensed Diplomat of Oriental Medicine.  She is the graduate of a rigorous 4-year Masters program at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, California.  Her specialties include fertility and women's health, as well as mental/emotional healthcare.  She also treats a range of other issues including pain management, gastrointestinal health, weight management and more.  She has worked with a diverse range of patients in numerous locations in the Los Angeles area.  She has treated patients at Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles, as well as in local community and fertility centers.  She currently has her own practice in West LA.  

Meet Wendy : Fertility Yoga Specialist

Wendy  CYT, E-RYT, SY4F
Certified Yoga Therapist & Expert in Yoga for Fertility

Wendy is a certified yoga therapist, pre & post-natal yoga instructor,  as well the certified Lead Teacher and Ambassador of Strong Yoga®4Women

Since 2005, Wendy has worked with countless women struggling with fertility challenges & pregnancy loss, witnessing over and again the powerful benefits of yoga on fertility. Having used the practice of yoga therapy to heal her own severe back injury, Wendy enjoys sharing the transformational qualities of the practice with other individuals in chronic pain, healing from injury, post-operative rehab and to build an awareness for injury prevention.Wendy is a proud member of both the Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Meet Stacey: Postpartum Massage and Lymphatic Massage Specialist

Stacey has been involved in the field of public health for 22 years, with women’s health as her primary focus.  Her passion for health education led her to massage therapy in 2000.  Stacey’s massage is dynamic; combining the traditions of Swedish Massage, Lomi-Lomi, Neuromuscular Re-Education, and elements of Cranio-Sacral therapy to relax, revitalize and remind the body of its innate ability to heal itself.  Stacey specializes in post-surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or M.L.D..  M.L.D. has the unique ability to dramatically decrease bruising and swelling, speed healing time and detoxify the body.  M.L.D. stimulates the body’s natural immune defenses and clears congestion of blocked lymph pathways due to edema, cosmetic surgeries, injuries and postpartum hormonal imbalances.

“I am a knowledgeable and accomplished practitioner dedicated to serving my community through integrated bodywork techniques and a mindful and compassionate presence.  To enhance the effectiveness of my work, I advocate client self-awareness and education by encouraging stretching exercises, the use of hydrotherapy, correct body mechanics, and the importance of proper nutrition and hydration.  After eleven years as a therapist I am still learning from my clients each day, honing my intuitive sense and gaining mastery of the techniques I have learned.  Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to work with fascinating people from all over the world.  From schoolteachers to psychiatrists, athletes to A-list celebrities, they inspire me with their willingness to make their health and well-being a priority.  

Allow me to assist you in bringing greater health and vitality to your life

Meet Brenda: Pre/ Postnatal Massage Therapsit


Brenda, CMT studied massage therapy at California Healing Arts College (CHAC) in West Los Angeles, CA. The CHAC program included Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene and Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, Movement Therapy, Shiatsu, Body Mechanics, Deep Tissue, Jade (Hot/Cold) Stone Massage and Clinical Studies. After graduation, she received further training in Thai Massage and Pregnancy Massage. While she excels in deep tissue work, the nurturing factor of Prenatal Massage inspired her to continue coursework through the Institute of Somatic Therapy and earn her certification. Always looking to further her skill set, she trained with Tina Allen, director and founder of Liddle Kidz Foundation, and became internationally certified as an Infant Massage Teacher. She also received an international certification for Pediatric Massage, with further training in Touch Therapy for Childhood Cancer. She is CPR, AED and First Aid certified by The American Heart Association and is an insured member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Meet Elizabeth Reynolds  : Maternity Aromatherapy Specialist

Elizabeth Reynolds is a Master Aromatherapist and essential oil specialist as well as a Holistic Health Care
Provider. She believes essential oils have amazing, 
scientifically proven healing properties. She created an eclectic mix of essential oil blends called Lux Amare (ləks a |mär|ay). It is Latin and means The Light of Love. She chose this name because she is passionate about bringing love and light to the world through her blends, as well as everything she does. She loves researching and creating beautifully smelling formulations that help people feel and look radiant. 
She is available for customized blends and aromatherapy mini spas for groups.

Meet Jessica : Fertility and Pregnancy Chef Specialist

Jess  has been a lover of food since the tender age of 16, when she realized that the key to being healthy was eating healthy. Thus began an ongoing experimentation and exploration of many ways of eating: vegan, vegetarian, raw food, pescatarian, macrobiotic, ketogenic, and paleo diets have all been in rotation at some point or another. A decade later and her approach to eating has evolved to center around sourcing the very most nutrient dense whole and clean foods. She believes that the foundation of a healthy lifestyle – mental, physical, and emotional – begins with creating positive habits. “If it’s not habit, you don’t have it” is a favorite quote.

Jess completed the well-regarded Precision Nutrition  Sports Nutritionist certification in 2014If she’s not in the kitchen cooking up gourmet nutritious meals, grocery shopping or coaching someone to lead a healthy life, Jess can be found trying out Los Angeles’ best eats, shopping at the Melrose Trading Post, hiking the local trails, snapping pictures of the L.A. scenery, practicing yoga, lifting weights, playing her keyboard or enjoying the company of her boyfriend and two cats.

Meet: Liz: Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer

I  am an LA-based, California grown, personal fitness trainer specialized in developing women’s physical health, strength, and wellness. My passion for health and fitness stems from my natural desire to incorporate happiness, positivity and fun into every aspect my life. As a personal trainer, I strive to help each client establish and accomplish their goals by designing programs that will help develop skills, coordination and flexibility.

Prior to setting foot in the fitness industry, I was a high-level sales executive in fashion and consumer goods. After my mothers death, I penned the motivational book “Bucket List for Classy Babes”. Writing the book was very life affirming and led me to want to pursue a more rewarding career that would make an impact on fellow women. That was when i made the most fruitful career move of my life – becoming a certified personal fitness trainer. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPR First Aid and AED certified with National Health Care Providers and have completed my Tier I and Tier II training at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI).

My own personal accomplishments have given me a real appetite to help others overcome adversity. This is why I have made it my personal goal to help my clients achieve their personal fitness ambitions – whether this might be regaining their pre-childbirth figure or looking radiant in their wedding dress. Being active in ballet, the barre method, boxing, hiking and yoga has helped me to guide the women around me to explore the many avenues of fitness and develop their health and wellness to greater levels.

As your personal trainer, I will challenge, empower, and drive YOU towards your personal fitness goals!

  • NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certified
    Group Trainer Certified  

  • EFTI - Equinox Fitness Training Institute
    Personal Trainer Academy - Tier I Graduate
    Promoted - Tier II


  • National Health Care Provider Solutions
    CPR AED & First Aid Certified

Meet Marna : Maternity Reflexologist, EFT (Emotional FreedomTechnique) Specilaist and Yogalates Instructor

Marna was born and raised in Scottland where she recieved her training in Maternity reflexology, yogalates and EFT. She has the passion and education and passion  to  help you heal, release and attain better chances for conception  from the inside out.
Modalities Include:

Reflexology & Maternity Reflexology
Improving circulation : Unblocking nerve impulses : Balancing hormones

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Tapping)
Energy Tool working like acupuncture for stuck emotions and belief systems ~ without the needles!
Empowering : Specialize in Skin Conditions : Releases old Patterns

Yogalates - A fusion of Yoga and Pilates
Injury Prevention : Post Natal Mums : Strenghen & Stretch from Inside Out