In Home Fertility Reflexology, Acupncture and Massage
In Los Angeles

We make the fertility journey easier by coming to you!

We pride ourselves on our integrative approach to fertility.

We work alongside reproductive endocrinologists to help you find the pieces that best fit your particular physical and emotional state of being. All of our services and programs were developed to balance the body and enhance the effects of  (ART) methods . All of our specialists are the best in field and passionate about helping you.

In home Fertility services we offer  in Los Angeles:

In- Home Fertility Reflexology

In home Fertility Massage

Fertile Heart Energy work

In home Fertility Yoga

In Home Fertility Acupuncture:
before and after transfer in the hospital

                                        FAMP  Enhancements

 To enhance the benefits  of the FAMP  program we offer the following ...
These services can also be booked individually.

 Reflexology for fertility:                                                                                      $180.00 a session
Package of 4                                                                                                    $680.00  ( save 40.00)


Reflexology booking request  form

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In home Yoga for Fertility:  Suggested once a week with the FAMP program

Yoga for fertility helps aid the body in opening, centering, reducing stress and attaining stillness. Find your breath, your life force and reclaim your inner power.

Individual classes with one on one attention by a certified "Yoga For Fertility" instructor gives you the most benefit.
We also offer groups of three : Semi private in home " Yoga for Fertility" classes.

150 a class

M2B Fertile Heart Reiki:Reiki is an energy healing technique which uses "universal life energy" channeled through the practitioner to the recipient, balancing the subtle energies within the body. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. When combined with the FAMP program, Reiki offers a simple approach to coping with conception struggles by easing your stress, doubts, fears, emotions running amuck, and physical bodily changes that result from hormone treatments.
*Add Reiki into each FAMP session for  only $15.00 more.
**Add a total of 30 minutes of Reiki to each session for $30.00 more ( results in a 90 minute session)
*** Full 50 minute Reiki session can be rotated between FAMP sessions for maximum benefit*** $60.00 a session

Acupuncture :

Benefits of Acupuncture Leading to Improved Fertility

  • Stress reduction - balancing the sympathetic nervous system
  • Strengthened immune system - naturally corrects immunological markers
  • Regulates fertility hormones - influences the source of women's ovulatory and fertility hormones, and creates better egg quality
  • Assists with successful IVF - increased blood flow creates a thicker and more regular uterine lining and improves ovarian response.
  • Decreases the change of miscarriage - relaxed uterus increases uterine blood flow, increases the immune system, regulates hormones and decreases stress
  • Helps fertility issues for men - improves sperm count, motility, and morphology
:tion Of FAMP Sessions and Acupuncture

Receive 4 Acupuncture sessions in home for $780.00

Day of Embryo Transfer: Immediately before and after transfer

M2B Spa offers acupuncture treatments on site at the clinic location of your embryo transfer. An M2B Acupuncturist practitioner meets the patient 1 hour before the scheduled transfer for an acupuncture treatment and treats the patient again immediately after the transfer procedure. 
This special service is priced at $500.00

Custom blended Aromatherapy with Chakra balancing
Aromatherapy is used to calm the endocrine system and balance out hormones in the the body. Essential oils directly effect the body through the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system is responsible for your emotions. We use essential oils in all of our FAMP sessions especially in the detox and restore session. We offer a customized blend made specifically  for you and your body. Our amazing Aromatherapist will go though a series of smell tests with samples of various oils to find which work for you. She  will then do a chakra balancing treatment on you with your customized blend. The blend is yours to keep and can be used in your FAMP sessions.

Customized Blend with chakra balancing is a 60 minute session for $150.00 ( the oil is yours to keep)
complimentary with each package

Fertility Food Plan
consultation and kitchen assessment with the FAMP program.
Fertile Meals(TM): Prep and Delivery
Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine" and we agree!

Interested in fresh organic food, to enhance fertility delivered at your door?
Call us today at 714-308-3450


Learn :
How  emotions physically effect the conception process?
How to reprogram negative thought patterns in the brain?
How to create a positive fertile space for healthy and happy emotions in your body.

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Fertility massage and Reflexology in Loas Angeles