Mommy To Be  Gift Cards!

Now showering YOUR mommy to be is easy!
We offer several service options she can use at her convinience.
So relax, we have you covered from (A)romatherapy to (Z)en!
Pre/Postnatal Massages Gift Cards
     Delivered to your inbox or theirs....

Cleopatras Combo: Milk and Honey bath, Prenatal Massage and Photo Keepsake 

              60 min Aromatherapy pre/postnatal massage    (tip included)   $190.00                                       

               75 min   Aromatherapy pre/posnatal massage     (tip included)   $210.00                                     

               90 min Aromatherapy pre/postnatal massage      (tip included)   $240.00                                   

               Infant  Reflexology  Private Class  :                                                          $200.00                                  

What makes YOUR mommy  to be purr?  Maternity reflexology!
              90 min Signature Reflexage                                         ( tip included)    $275.00  

              Includes 60 min pregnancy massage and 30 min maternity reflexology


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Gift Card Terms

  • No fees. No expiration.
  • Gift cards cannot be returned or redeemed for cash or credit.
  • Gift cards may be redeemed based on appointment availability.
  • Order 5 or more gift cards and we will provide a discount. Please contact us for details.

If you received a Mommy To Be pregnancy gift card and would like to redeem it please contact us to schedule your appointment.