Reflexology for Fertility and Emotional Cleanse Therapy 

 We are proud to announce  " Mommy To Be Reflexology" as one of  the first companies in the U.S.A.  to offer the service commonly used in the United Kingdom, Reflexology for Fertility and Maternity !  We would like to introduce to you  a place where the mind and body meet, at the feet! A natural and holistic approach to fertility..

        Fertility Reflexology Services
Mommy To Be Reflexology                            

The reflex points in the head, neck and hands are worked in conjunction with deep breathing techniques for relaxation while your feet soak in warm water. The reflexologist will then do a thirty minute reflexology session on the feet to stimulate the endocrine and reproductive system. The session concludes with a hot towel wraps.

Each session lasts 60 minutes and is priced at $120.00

Fertility Reflexology  with Essential Oils ( a little more)

This treatment includes the application of Paraffin Wax on the feet to soften and warm them while releasing tension. As the paraffin is working, the reflex points in the head, neck, shoulders and hands are massaged. This service also includes the gentle application of the aromatherapy oils lavender and fennel on the neck, arms, and hands. The oils used are aid in deep relaxation and heightened fertility. Deep breathing techniques are used to help the client relax to their full capacity. The treatment is concluded by a forty minutes of reflexology session on the feet.

This Treatment lasts for 90 minutes and is priced at  $150.00

 Emotional Cleanse Technique 

What is it?

The power of our mind over our body is often overlooked in the process of getting pregnant. Instead, we use our mind to put pressure on ourselves and do everything except relax! Using visualization and emotional release technique with essential oils helps you make a conscious decision to allow yourself to LET GO of worry by accessing the lymbic system in the brain. The lymbic system is responsible for emotion and can be directly accessed using the sense of smell. To many, this may sound scary but I assure you, it is not. Letting go will allow your body to fully relax on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Once you fully relax, your body acclimates to this state of being as opposed to the pressure filled, stressed out state you may be used to. Pregnancy and fertility generally happen when the body is in alignment and in harmony. We welcome you to explore this journey with us. No quaky stuff, promise. We can start slow, so that you are comfortable and ease into this process as you are ready.    


 Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Emotional Release with Essential Oil Technique" are incorporated in your service. Deep breathing and body scanning for tension are used while your reflex points are stimulated. This is a great way to experience the power of the mind, body balance if you are curious but are not ready for the full half hour.

 This treatment is priced at $20.00

Visualization Therapy  for fertility Service

You will be guided to relax and let go for a full half hour. Each client is unique and each session holds its own process. As a general overview; you will be asked to sit or lay quietly and begin to relax by taking several deep breaths. Together we scan the body for any blocks or tension. Slowly the body begins to let go. At this point we begin to dig deeper to find recurring negative emotions. The Reflexologist will help you find the opposite of each negative emotion that is found and help restore your positive emotions. The session concludes by visualizing a healthy uterus, a balanced endocrine system, and a harmonic body. This is truly transforming and I welcome you to take the journey with me. I am merely a guide to assist you in reaching your balanced, true  self.

This treatment is priced at  $50.00 

 Emotional Release with Essential Oils  and Visualization Combo

You get the benefit of both Emotional Release with essential and Guided Visualization . This is the most powerful forty minute gift you can give yourself! It is one step closer to reaching your destination of motherhood. The more we let go and release emotions which hold us back, the more the body will heal and align for pregnancy!

This service is priced at $60.00

*This service can be used in conjunction with reflexology for fertility or as a stand~alone service. For best results in conjunction with is most recommended* We offer reflexology for fertility in Beverly Hills, Studio City and surrounding areas.*