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Fertility Aid Massage Program ( FAMP)  :
The "FAMP" is a four part massage series which uses various modalities of bodywork to aid in the full functioning of the endocrine system and the pelvic and abdominal organs. The program was designed to promote the body's natural fertile state along with balancing the mental, emotional and physical well being. The four parts of the program focus on detoxing and restoring the body, optimizing the circulatory system, opening the body's  energy and breath and off course relaxing!

FAMP is a very custom healing journey which brings the mommy to be into the equation. Before each session, the mom to be is given a flyer which goes over the goals of each treatment and gives self care exercise suggestions. The sessions are available one by one or as a full program. We suggest the full program for full effects.

Session 1: Detox and Restore:
Over time toxicity builds up and can create inflammation in the body. This causes the body to loose it's natural ability to balance hormones, build immunity, and create more energy. In your Detox and Restore session, your body’s toxic elimination reply will be triggered using a modality called Raindrop Technique. A series of therapeutic-grade essential oils are applied to your feet and spine.  The hormone balancing essential oils are  massaged into your the pressure point areas for detox , elimination and hormonal balancing. Reflexology will be employed to bring energy to the reproductive organs
.This technique will be conclude with a light-touch method for  stretching and opening the lymphatic channels.
Add healing benefits of Reiki to this session. *See below*

Session 2 : Optimal Circulation
The body's natural healer is the circulatory system ( the blood). Very sadly, too many stressors can trigger tension in the body and cause blood flow to be minimized. This results in the diminished ability to properly distribute the blood. Throughout your Optimal Circulation session, a blend of Myofascial and Swedish  massage will be used with essential oils  to  stimulate and revitalize the organs in the pelvis. The circulation in the body will also be enhanced through stretches and hip mobilizations, reflexology and acupressure. The session ends with , thermal therapy and the massage of specific arteries which will allow fresh oxygenated blood into the reproductive organs.
Add healing benefits of Reiki to this session. *See below*

Session 3 : Oxygenate

 Your Oxygenate session will pick up where your Optimal Circulation session left off. You will be guided in deep  breathing exercises, which  work in unison with massage, myofascial stretches, and trigger-point therapy, releasing deep layers of tension. As your body breathes in more  oxygen , you will begin to feel renewed. The whole session focuses on deep breathing, letting go tension and melting away physical  road blocks and clear stagnant energy to in vital reproductive organs.
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Session 4: Blend and  Surrender
As your body's natural healing system is restored, the body becomes more free from inflammation, pain and toxicity. As more oxygenated blood begins to flow into key reproductive organs, you becomes more energized. This transformation allows your hormones to balance easier. Your  Blend  and Surrender session builds on the previous ones and has been stylized with long, slow, and fluid strokes, sending your body signals of wholeness, integration and pleasure. Therapeutic, Swedish massage will be performed to the full body, melting away unwanted tension while bringing peace and calming to the mind. Attention will also be given to releasing and stimulating the pelvic area through thermal therapy and massage along with releasing negative emotions built up in the body. Reflexology, acupressure points and essential oils will assist in balancing the adrenal glands to bring you to complete surrendering and OPENING of the WHOLE body, mind and spirit.  This powerful synergy of internal movement, negative emotion release and external massage works together to melt adhesions, clear stagnation, and achieve WHOLEness of your being. This open state of being is the point we, as women strive to attain to create new life within us.
Add healing benefits of Reiki to this session. *See below*

Each session is 60 minutes and is priced at    $160.00
Get the entire FAMP  program for                   $600.00   (save 40.00)                               


Choose between  any of our fertility massage selections:

Fertility Massage 
In home Fertility massage in Los Angeles includes abdominal massage, acupressure , reflexology and deep breath work .
Fertility Massage with Aromatherapy
Maya Abdominal Massage

Signgle sessions:

60 min - $180.00 
75 min-  $200.00  

90 min-  $220.00  

Fertility Massage Package 1:                                                                                                                        


Series of 4 :   60 Min~    Reg. $180.00   per session      $700.00  ( save $20)  
                        75  Min~    Reg. $200.00   per session       $760.00 ( save  $40 ) 
                        90  Min~    Reg. 220.00     per session       $800.00 ( save $88) 

Fertility Massage Package 2 : 1hr  reg. 180              75 min  reg 200               90 min reg 220

All packages of 6 include reflexology, maya abdominal, acupressure and enrgy work.
Series of 6:   60 Min~ Reg 180.00  per session     $1000.00 ( save $92.00 )   

                       75 Min~  Reg 200.00  per session     $1050.00  (  save $150)    

                       90 Min~  Reg 220.00 per session     $1100.00  (  save $220.00 )