Pampered Bed Rest for Pregnancy

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M2B Pampered Bed Rest  Concierge:  for  Bed-resting Beauties
We are very excited to add this new wellness service for beautiful mommas on bed rest. Part of being well during this fragile time is not being stressed. Allow us to take the headache away with our array of services for the mind and body and TO DO list. The  Pampered Bed Rest Concierge program   offers a wide variety of services to help you prepare for your new baby mentally, physically and of course luxuriously while on bed rest. Please CONTACT US for a complimentary consultation. You don't have to do this alone!

What we offer:

Mental Wellness:
Being on Bed Rest is mentally challenging. Our unique program offers:
1. Phone support by a qualified therapist twice a week

2. In home/hospital guided meditation and deep breathing for calming and relaxation twice  a week.
3.Daily Motivational text messages sent directly to your phone 
4.A complimentary assesment to  help you find a creative outlet while on bed rest.

Call us to customize your needs based on your budget: 714-308-3450

Physical Wellness:

Delivery Diva
Mommies this package is designed to get you prepped and beautiful for your new arrival. Complete with pedicure, manicure, and brow waxing and hair blowout. We make sure you look your best when you meet your baby.

Pampered on Bed Rest:
The key to feeling good is looking good right?  With our mobile personal grooming and luxury services, we will keep you looking and feeling your best.

The services listed below can take place in your home or in the hospital.

A La Carte:
Bed Rest blow out
- $132.00  ( includes gratuity)

   Package of 6 - $660.00 (includes gratuity) ( one blowout free)
Manicure & Pedicure Combo: $165.00 (includes gratuity) 

Glowing Organic Facial: $175.00 (includes gratuity) 

Waxing and Threading: ( choose any two areas; pits, brows, lip)  $50.00 (only available with facial)
 $230.00 (with facial and gratuity)

Choose any of the massages listed below: Includes gratuity $215.00     

Lyphatic Drainage : to ease swelling and keep blood flow circulating - $180.00
Maternity Reflexology - $180.00
Swedish Massage- $180.00

Make it a GIFT CERTIFICATE with the whole package : (blow-out not included)
Choose any of the massage choices and receive 3 areas for wax or thread instead two ( save $40.00)
Also Includes FREE guided meditation for relaxation.

Total : $550.0 ( includes gratuity)
** To customize your Gift Certificate, purchase it above first, then fill out the form on the Gift Certificate page. We will email you the gift card to send to your Bed Rest beauty. We can also send it to them directly if you wish.**

                     M2B Concierge for Bed-resting Beauties                  
Allow us to take your TO DO list off your hands and leave you pampered , not stressed.

Baby Registry

We will create and manage your baby registry to your specifications. Using online and in person support we will coordinate every aspect of your registry including gift tracking, product returns and exchanges through completion.

        Nursery Design or Finish
M2B Concierge can design a one of a kind nursery suite for your baby, with a traditional or modern flair. We also can complete any nursery project that is underway. For environmentally conscience families we are proud to design a 100% Certified 
Green Baby Nursery

Nursery Must Haves

 stocking of products your family will need for baby’s arrival, including diapers, wipes, skin care, safety, and baby layette. Organic and Eco-friendly options are available. Nursery Selections can be bundled together.

Spa Party Baby Shower

Let M2B Concierge plan your baby shower- spa style . We can coordinate your baby shower at the location of your choice which will make this a memorable and relaxing  event for all. includes Detailed Post Shower Gift Inventory provided.  We will also coordinate “Thank You,” cards. TO get a personalized quote please call 714-308-3450

Hospital Read

          Personal Shopping and Errands –

Our Lifestyle Managers will take care of any shopping or errands to assist the you the Resting Mommy. Errand and shopping services can be combined with any other M2B Concierge service or purchased a la carte.